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Ref: B043

Treatment  for  palpitation, nightmare&insomnia. Acupuncture very interesting experience + effective treatment in 7 sessions.

Herbal medicine has improved metabolism, circulation + presenting symptoms.

Feeling very much stranger + without distressing symptoms

I will use the treatment if required in future.


John Mc Closkey

Ref: M042

      I have suffered from insomnia for many years and sort treatment from western medicine. I was prescribed a variety of drugs over the years but with all those that gave me sleep, they ceased to be effective after a short time, and when they were working they left me tried and sluggish the next day. I decided to see what Chinese medicine could offer me and i started on a course of acupuncture and massage here at the Chinese Medical Centre. The results are amazing, and i now have comfortable sleep of 6 to 7 hours each night.

      At my initial consultation the doctor observed that i had diabetes and that i suffered from poor circulation. I was born with flat feet and the arch of my right foot collapsed about two years ago as result of this my ankles swells and took on a bad colour. I also have arthritis in my knees. Since taking the treatment here, the swelling on m ankle has reduced significantly and the colour is normal.

My knees are also much better and i can honestly say that i can recommend the treatment offered by the Chinese Medical Centre, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Mr C.F.Cox

Ref: C022A

The first time I had the pain, I thought I was having a stroke, there was so much pain. I couldn’t walk, because each step the pain increased, raising my arms was very painful, sweat was poring out of me. The pain lasted for 40 mins. When it stopped I was shaking ,freezing and drained.

After I recovered I went to the walk in Hospital they gave me some tablets and booked me into Sunderland Royal Hospital. The appointment was for 5 weeks. They diagnosed the problem to trigeminal neuralgia, they also gave me some tablets. Taking the tablets the problem I had, was, not being able to brush my teeth, struggled to get a shave and I had to eat very, very slowly.

After about a month I had another attack on a Friday. My daughter came to stay on the Saturday, but getting ready to go out, I had another attack in the bathroom, the hot water was running but I could only grab the sink, the hot water just ran down the overflow and the room was full of steam, I managed to turn the tap off after about 15 mins. The daughter got my tablets, after about 30 mins, the pain had receded. I got ready and we went to the walk in hospital.

But in the reception I had another attack (probably this was good because the doctor saw me at the worst of the attack) , I was also vomiting. The doctor gave me an injection to stop it. He suggested I tried acupuncture, I said I would try anything to stop the pain. He got me booked in at Chinese medical centre at Newcastle, I had to be there for 1pm that day. But on the way there I had another attack! Good job the daughter was driving. After a few weeks I could feel the improvement, I am now living a normal life. I think the treatment plus the tablets have given me my life back, after 8 months of pain.



Ref: G006

I  have  been  going to Acupuncture &Massage, Chinese  Medical  Centre  for more than a year now.

When i first came here for a consultation, i was very  depressed , thinking negative thoughts about dying& how much time i have left, etc, my blood pressure was 170/90.

I had a lot of severe headaches because of all the falls i was having and knocking my head with the side effects of taking tablets.

The doctor and the staff here are so concerned about me, with the help of Acupuncture& Massage, I gradually become a lot better, my headaches have gone and i very rare get a headache now, it only last for a few seconds . My blood pressure has gone from 170/90 to 130/80.

I am a lot stable now. I have replaced my negative thoughts with positive thoughts.



Ref: R023

It is difficult to describe the excruciating pain which I suffered from sciatica. It was confirmed to the backs of my legs, but it used to strike without warning as a result of the movement of any part of my body and it was especially bad when I stood up after sitting or lying down. I found great difficulty in walking, the pain increased with the movement of my legs, so i was often reduced to shuffling along, especially after getting out of bed in the morning.


Seeing my doctor brought no relief. I was told that there is no treatment or cure for sciatica, so the only thing to do was to take painkillers, but they proved to be pretty useless.


On discovering the the Chinese medical centre treats sciatica, i went to see what they could do. Their methods were carefully explained to me in a free consultation, so i began a course of acupuncture and massage. As a result of the painstaking and thorough treatment that i received, my sciatica has now almost vanished. I still feel the occasional twinge, but i can now walk without pain, and the Chinese doctor assures me that i shall soon be totally free of pain and discomfort. I am more than satisfied with the successful outcome of the acupuncture and massage course, and i would sincerely recommend the Chinese medical centre to anyone who is suffering without relief.


Mrs J Young

Ref: Y004

I have had arthritis in my left knee for 10 years, regularly taking pain killers to cope with walking. now i have arthritis in my collarbone, a rare place to have this, the NHS just gave me stronger painkillers which just made me feel even worse. A friend at work recommended acupuncture to me as it had worked for her. Since the first session of treatment, i have not had one painkiller. I can walk around without pain and i can breath and move  my arm without any pain, and movement is easier, not affecting my collarbone anymore. i would recommend Acupuncture and Massage anytime for arthritis, thank you to all for helping me, you are all lovely people.

Skin Disorder

Mrs M Body

Ref: B012

I suffer from a condition called scleroderma systemic sclerosis. Where the skin on arms and legs become very taught, very dry and very itchy.

Medication from hospital doctors, prescribed anti imflamitory drugs, such as adalat retard for the circulation. Also chlorphenamine for itchiness, which did not help.

After time the itch became too much to bare. So as a last resort, i decided to try Chinese herbal medicine, herb l cream and acupuncture and heat treatment. After second treatment i noticed a difference in my skin.

After four weeks the itch had almost stopped, plus skin has returned to normal. I am pleased to say, it was money well spent. I would recommend it to anyone.

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