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We opened our doors in February 2009 and have so far treated over thousand of patients, showing we are probably one of the most reliable Chinese clinic in Newcastle ,even in the north east .


We have fully qualified expert and practitioners , some with over 30 years of experience in the field. Capable of treat almost all health problems, from minor imbalances to chronic disease; skin disorder and internal problems to the muscular pain. especially good at few common problems like: arthritis, sciatica, insomnia, IBS, infertility, anxiety, asthma, eczema ,acne and so on.


So If you are fed up with conventional medicine, and have tried everything  but couldn’t  find the best solution , you should look into our Traditional Chinese medicines and treatment. Unlike western medicines and treatment, the TCM takes a holistic approach on the problems, it views the body as an ecosystem in delicate balance, one that requires constant treatment to maintain its natural equilibrium. In short, we are treating the person, not just the disease. And most importantly all the treatment are safe and no side effect under the instruction of our professional practitioners, these are the reasons why it has been used so extensively by 1.3 billion Chinese for the past centuries.


we use our own principles, diagnostic methods and simply tailor design with combining herbs, acupuncture, Tuina  and some other traditional Chinese treatment to help the human body counteract the effects of the external factors, then help people achieving a physical, mental and spiritual balance, and eventually heal the problems.


Apart from the traditional Chinese medicine and treatment we provide the therapeutic massage services range from Swedish ,deep tissue to hot stone massages, reflexology and tuina(TOO-wee-na). These help with the circulation ; increasing the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles, then reducing muscular tension and in turn enhancing tissue healing.


Our therapists are high standard and qualified, and they both show professional talents and real skills on the massage treatment which makes you get extraordinary experience without forgetful.

The massage service is performed in clean and comfortable atmosphere with warm pure herbal oil; calming music, and finished by a free shower.


Regardless you are looking for an alternative form of treatment, one that’s been around thousands of years and is guaranteed to leave you in physical and mental harmony or you need a professional therapeutic massage to unwind and experience sheer relaxation ,then call us on 0191 2221890, No long waiting list, we will try to arrange the appointment as soon as we can. Or email us at


Hi,we are Acupuncture&massage and we provide traditional chinese medicines ,treatments and therapeutic massage services for anyone and everyone.



We based in the very central of the Newcastle city centre, within only 1 minute walk from the monument metro station and just next to the Tyneside cinema.



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Case Studies

We have countless cases of customers who have all but lost hope only to find the solution to their serious health problems lies in TCM.

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